Solar and wind-powered CCTV

For sites where there is no external power source

For sites such as construction sites, power can be supplied by solar panels or a solar panel/wind turbine combination and battery pack.

Our construction site systems can record many Axis IP cameras at high resolution and high frame rate, with no PC on site, with a central cloud server to provide the gateway to the cameras. 

Our systems are modular and can have any of the following features:

  • Sites only need 3/4G coverage, network can be provided.

  • Cameras record locally to their own SD disk, both on motion event and continuously for a rolling month.

  • Cameras can optionally record a time-lapse of the site over many months or even years. This is assembled automatically into video at the end of each day.

  • Web-App supplied to access live video and access recordings via our cloud server. Extremely frugal on bandwidth over the link whilst retaining high frame rate (10 fps) and HD video.

  • When recordings are requested they are copied to the cloud for playback to Web-App. Once on our cloud server they are accessible by other system users without using bandwidth on the SIM card.

  • Playback may be easily emailed to a PC/Mac for large monitor playback and export to the Police.

  • Power can be supplied by solar panel/wind turbine combination and battery pack if there is no site power.

  • Site links can be provided by wireless 5.8GHz or licensed frequencies.

  • Alarms from video motion or RADAR can be sent to the users via email or SMS.

  • Alarms can be handled by a central alarm response centre.

  • Alarm response centre can speak to site via loudspeaker.

  • Complete working system may be provided on a trailer.

  • Available now to buy or rent on a per camera basis.

We have developed further expertise in solar-powered camera systems through winning a 'CAN-DO' challenge award from Scottish Enterprise:

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