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Solar Powered CCTV

For sites and locations within sites where there is no power source

Solar Powered CCTV


Solar powered CCTV solution datasheet:

For sites such as construction sites, farms, roadside etc power can be supplied by battery pack or a solar panel and battery pack.

Our remote site systems can free cameras from fixed locations and fixed cable infrastructure. Giving remote access to IP cameras at high resolution and high frame rate. With no PC on site just with a central cloud server hosted by us or the site owner to provide the gateway to the cameras. 

Our systems are modular and can have any of the following features:

  • HD Quality recording on motion event

  • Power is off until there is an event, allowing small solar panels and batteries

  • Utilises Axis M4318-PLVE panoramic (shown above) or M32 range or M5075 PTZ dome.

  • 4G router built-in by default (local WiFi links are also possible)

  • Events trigger cameras from strategically placed remote wireless and solar powered PIRs

  • External lights can be turned on wirelessly 

  • Alarms can be handled by a central alarm response centre

  • Alarm response centre can speak to site via loudspeaker and control lighting

  • Complete working system can be provided

  • Optionally QuickClamp can be used to put temporary systems up from the ground, making a transportable rapid deployment solution with the 40W panel shown above.

  • Base station version for multiple cameras with larger solar panel and battery pack.

  • Base station version has remote wake-up capable router that is always-on (in idle mode)

  • Optional Web-App to access live video and access recordings

Technical notes:

  • Cameras record locally to their own SD disk and to viewing client or server PCs

  • Sites only need 4G coverage, network is provided internally and can be extended wirelessly for further nearby cameras

  • Extremely frugal on bandwidth over the link whilst retaining high frame rate (10 fps) and HD video

  • Base station version has an always-on router that can be woken up remotely. This requires a 100W+ solar panel (requires normal mounting options - too cumbersome for QuickClamp to install from the ground)

We have developed further expertise in solar-powered camera

systems through winning a 'CAN-DO' challenge award

from Scottish Enterprise:

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