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Machine Vision and AI


Axis M5075-G shown with circular polarising filter mount.

We can design and supply Machine Vision/AI systems to a specification. We utilise the following components:

  • Capture from GenICam cameras or Axis IP cameras

  • Initial processing on the edge in camera or local processor

  • Uses proprietary n-tuple neural networks for edge based initial trigger if required

  • Alternatively factory sensors like beam breaks or RFID can be used for the trigger

  • Polarising adapter for Axis M5075-G allows light artefacts to be removed, whilst still allowing a small degree of remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Focus control for fine adjustment.

  • Further processing can be done locally or in the cloud

  • Using MVTec's Halcon Machine Vision tools including Deep Learning AI, Global Anomaly detection, sub-pixel measurement and Deep OCR and Optical Character Verification products locally

  • Or by using Matroid machine vision AI products in the cloud

  • Feed back results into factory displays/PLCs etc

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