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VSAAS - Video Surveillance as a Service

VSaaS live viewing and playback system

High definition IP-CCTV edge recording, live viewing and playback systems

Our VSaaS software can record many Axis IP cameras at high resolution and high frame rate, with no PC on site, and with a central cloud server to provide the gateway to the cameras. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Our systems are modular and can have any of the following features:

  • Sites only need 3/4G coverage, network is provided

  • Cameras record locally to their own SD disk, both on motion event and continuously for a rolling month. So no PC is required on site

  • Web-App supplied to access live video and access recordings via our cloud server

  • Extremely frugal on bandwidth over the link whilst retaining high frame rate (10 fps) and HD video

  • When recordings are requested they are copied to the cloud for playback to Web-App. Once on our cloud server they are accessible by other system users without using bandwidth on the SIM card

  • Playback may be easily emailed to a PC/Mac for large monitor playback and export to the Police

  • Power can be supplied by Solar Panel/Wind Turbine combination and battery pack if there is no site power

  • Site links can be provided by wireless 5.8GHz or licensed frequencies

  • Alarms from video motion or RADAR can be sent to the users via email or SMS

  • Alarms can be handled by a central alarm response centre

  • Alarm response centre can speak to site via loudspeaker

  • Complete working system may be provided on a trailer


Available now to buy or rent on a per camera basis.


Since all the software is written by ourselves, other features can be added on request. For example, we have added integration to ANPR systems and door access control systems.


Web-App software

  • Playback and alarm control

  • HDTV 1080p video quality

  • Set and Reset Alarms

  • View Multiple Cameras

  • Playback Events

  • Email Events

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