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Solar and battery powered CCTV

For sites where there is no external power, Cybertronix can provide camera systems powered by solar panels and/or batteries.

Customised CCTV system with multi camera view


Customised video and audio systems based on IP cameras. Our software will run on HP server-class PCs or bespoke hardware to record many cameras at high resolution and high frame rate. The software can provide multi-view and multi-monitor views. 

Axis camera

High Resilience CCTV

To keep the server costs down and increase resilience, we can record centrally on a server and on the cameras simultaneously. 

Thermal image overlay

Thermal imaging and recording

Cybertronix have developed their own thermal camera and bespoke software to provide a cost-effective, affordable option for thermal and thermography applications.  We can also supply and install standard thermal imaging products and software.

Factory monitoring

High speed imaging

We can provide software and hardware for high definition recording at over 150 frames per second, and slow motion playback, for example to monitor industrial systems.

VSaaS software

Video Survelliance as a Service

High definition IP-CCTV edge recording, live viewing and playback systems. Our VSaaS software can record many Axis IP cameras at high resolution and high frame rate, with no PC on site, and with a central cloud server to provide the gateway to the cameras. 


Video cameras and systems for recording time-lapse sequences. Our software can control the cameras and take shots at pre-determined intervals. These can be automatically processed into videos and uploaded to a website via FTP. 

Vehicle location tracking


VanPak provides real-time tracking of vehicle location where standard cellular GPS tracking solutions fail. It enables live viewing from the vehicle over a wide network area, and archived playback.

Perimeter monitoring system

Rapid Response and PerimeterPak

To alert guards to incidents on the perimeter of protected sites, PerimeterPak emails alerts and videos to a set distribution list.

Modular camera bracket


For temporary camera installations at height. The modular bracket system can be adapted to attach to poles of various diameters, lampposts, scaffold poles, trees etc. by one operator on the ground, in a matter of minutes.

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