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Body temperature screening camera image


The Cybertronix Body Temperature Screening Thermal Camera System

The Cybertronix QuickScan system automatically detects elevated skin temperature. A thermal overlay on video images quickly identifies the location of the individual.

The system compromises a thermographic camera,  a visible spectrum camera, a black body heat source to enhance accuracy and software. Cybertronix engineers can install and demonstrate the equipment, and can tailor the package to your requirements, including bespoke software.


We can supply either a ‘pop-up’, mobile system package or a fixed wall-mounted solution. We can also provide ongoing support.

QuickScan has been developed in-house to provide a low-cost system for all businesses and organisations where employee health and safety needs to be protected.




  • Rapid, multi-person detection (9 frames per second)

  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact

  • Immediate alarm at 37.8°C and above to notify operators

  • Recording activated on alarm and playback history available

  • Automatic removal of other heat sources (e.g. dark clothing)

  • Accuracy to +/- 0.3°C

  • Uses pre-configured wifi that can operate independently from local wifi network

  • Can be viewed remotely

  • Auto deletion of images after 21 days

  • Optional entry of customer tracking details for hospitality settings (deleted after 21 days)

  • Comprehensive user training and support packages available

Visual and thermal cameras

Pop-up kit list:

  • Axis Camera M1065-LW

  • Cybertronix Radiometric Thermal Camera

  • Black Body heat source for calibration

  • Stands

  • Brackets

  • Power supplies

  • Wifi router

  • Velcro® cable ties

  • Quick start manual

  • Software installation USB stick

Wall-mounted kit:

As above but stands are replaced by wall mount brackets (swivel mounts)


Optional extras:



Hand-held FLUKE 62 MAX+ infrared thermometer/calibration tester

Black body heat source

Operating notes:

  • The system measures skin temperature as a proxy for body temperature. Body temperature should be checked with a clinical device if elevated skin temperature is detected

  • Black body should be positioned as close to people as possible for accurate reading

  • For indoor use only

  • Cannot see through glass or perspex

  • May need higher power black body source if used in air-conditioned locations depending on AC temperature set

  • Takes 10 minutes for black body to stabilise

Technical specification:

Dual Spectrum Cameras:

Visible: 1980x1080 pixels max

Thermal: 160x120 pixels max. using a FLIR lepton 3.5 – see FLIR datasheet for details


Up to 9 frames per second on modern i5 PC

Wifi 2.4 GHz

57° Horizontal angle of view

Detection temperature range 25°C to 44°C

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