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Customised video and audio systems based on IP cameras. 

Customised CCTV system

We are an Axis Technology Integration Partner, and we have experience of other camera ranges too.

Our software will run on HP server-class PCs or bespoke hardware to record many cameras at high resolution and high frame rate. The software can provide multi-view and multi-monitor views. 


Recording of video and audio, playback and offsite archiving are all part of the solution.

We have software for:

  • Remote and Local Playback (live and trickle feed options)

  • Remote control of Pan/Tilt/Zoom

  • Redaction and Highlight of Video and Redaction of Audio

  • Export to DVD or file

  • Plan view of sites for ease of camera selection

  • Web or intranet based live and playback views

Other features can be added on request. We can provide components or complete camera systems - please call to discuss your requirements.

Large IP-CCTV systems with multiple sites and trickle-fed central archiving

We have provided systems involving over 100 cameras on multiple sites, for example in an examination environment. This involves up to 24 cameras on a server/NVR, with software for:

  • Audio/Video Record and playback on the local NVR, which keeps around 2 months' of worth video from a typical working day

  • Motion detection on playback is an option, ie high speed search

  • Automatic adjustment of which cameras are in use using cameras with built in PIRs. Different subsets of cameras can be used on different days set with a simple calendar control

  • Trickle-feeding of footage back to a central server which keeps several months of video, with a reporting tool and MySQL database

  • A central playback application which gives access to several months' footage from all sites.

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