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Bespoke & customised projects and solutions

Your technology problems solved with systems engineering

Please come to us with requests for solutions to problems in areas including broadcast, security, remote monitoring, machine vision, long range RF IoT (arduino) and safety.


We can solve many issues using off-the-shelf parts combined with software to integrate the solution.  Any novel parts and housings (including outdoor housings) can be designed and 3D printed in-house.


Current bespoke projects include:


  • Portable solar power 4G CCTV and time-lapse solution

  • Arduino-based long range (2km or more with correct aerial) voltage logger for solar systems

  • VideoICU in the US - 'Axis Perimeter Defender' - real time response upgrade for solar powered thermal camera long range perimeter security

  • Axis Dynamic Overlay software for graphical and data overlay on Axis cameras

  • Cowes Harbour Commission - upgrade to playback software on dual redundant edge based RAM recorded CCTV solution

Projects recently completed:


  • Trinity College London - portable IP camera based recording & trickle feed solution with 3D printed camera bracket

  • AMI Marine - multi camera viewer/recorder to embed into their software/product

  • Bodycote Heat Treatments - augmented reality thermal camera solution

  • David Horn Communications - interview system remote viewing software upgrade

  • BBC Weather - video workflow changes for Arabic and Persian TV

  • Redfunnel - aNPR upgrade

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