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A product developed in collaboration with VideoICU.

VanPak provides real-time tracking of vehicle location where standard cellular GPS tracking solutions fail. It enables live viewing from the vehicle over a wide network area, and archived playback.

Custom solutions are available for various video and GPS tracking needs.

VanPak vehicle tracking unit
  • Utilizes robust Axis F41camera platform with SD card edge recording

  • Edge recorded video data is transferred to archive server continuously

  • If VanPak loses signal to server, server mediates retrieval of any missing video from up to 14 days’ SD media card storage on the mobile unit

  • Live video and playback can be re-streamed from server for wide area network viewing

  • Simple visually queued timeline for playback of recorded video

  • GPS tracking at 500ms update rate for real-time tracking of vehicle location in smaller areas such as parking lots, distribution centres, airports and city streets, where standard cellular GPS tracking solutions fail due to long intervals between updates

  • Operates on private, wireless, encrypted 5.8GHz network with no monthly fees. Multiple wireless access points (WAPS) can be placed to provide wide area coverage of vehicles

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