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Rapid Response with PerimeterPak


To alert guards to incidents on the perimeter of protected sites

Site perimeter protection system

A product developed in collaboration with VideoICU.

PerimeterPak uses long lens thermal cameras so that intrusions can be seen from half a mile away, even at night. It uses PoE or solar power where possible. The thermal cameras run Axis Perimeter Defender ACAP (machine vision analytics running directly on the camera) with an added real-time event based alarm distribution system for sites with manned guarding. 

The cameras have a limited built-in capability for automated email alerts, but this is inflexible. 

Our solution, Rapid Response, creates pre- and post-event videos when triggered, and emails them to a distribution list using SMS and email. 

Set up of the distribution list and the available cameras is via a web page hosted on the server.

Any Axis ACAP machine vision analytics software or built-in event may trigger the Rapid Response application.

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