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Thermal Imaging and Recording

Bespoke software for thermal and thermography industrial applications

Thermal image of a car engine

Cybertronix software enables streaming of GigE vision cameras, or IP cameras, with user-selected palettes, temperature ranges, and alarm triggered by temperature from a region of the camera view. We also have standard thermal imaging products and software for fire finding and detection, overheat detection, ice detection, surveying and many other applications. We can supply and install all necessary cameras and hardware.

Features include:

  • Dual display - overlay thermal alarms on visible spectrum image

  • Dual playback in windows media player

  • Temperature range selection

  • Palette selection

  • Re-streaming of video

  • Alarms on high or low temperature

  • Wide temperature reading range: -40°C to 550°C

  • Burnt-in temperature readings on video

  • Temperature alarm starts recording/email/sms

  • Region/Cross wire alarm starts recording/email/sms

  • Hot/Cold Spot tracking and reading

  • User-defined region temperature min/max reading

  • Optional Pan Tilt controller with presets

  • Recording of side-by-side thermal and augmented reality views

Possible Uses

  • Electricity Substations

  • Cold Stores

  • Fire Engines

  • Equipment monitoring - non contact temperature reading of moving parts

  • Secure area monitoring - ports/airports/nuclear

  • Furnace monitoring - carbon fibre plant etc.

  • Fire prevention and monitoring

  • Body Scanning for security

  • People Detection

  • Process Control e.g. Li-Ion battery production

  • Automated Inspection

  • Hot Gas imaging

  • Ice Detection

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