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High Speed Recording and Playback

For high definition recording at over 150 frames per second

High speed factory imaging

We can provide software and hardware for recording for slow motion playback. This requires high speed cameras, with recording with matched storage speeds or high speed image processing modules designed around the specific camera.


For example, the JAI Go USB3 camera delivers output at up to 159 frames per second with an HD 1920x1080 resolution image.

​We can decode the Bayer colour stream or use the monochrome version of the camera.

Product-Image_GO-2400C-USB_Front (1).png

We can utilise multiple SSDs in a RAID like configuration or newer NVMe disks to allow the high speed camera recordings. Our hardware solutions are based on high frame rate graphics cards and monitors.

We use the Stemmer Imaging Common Vision Blox software and so can support many other cameras, resolutions and frame rates. 

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